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The Chest Series

By: :Fatmah Alkaff 0 comments
The Chest Series

Why we love it!

As some of you may know, Chest Rub was specially created for Nina’s daughter, Hanan to help with her bronchitis. As its name suggests, the Chest series is especially effective in providing respiratory support and helps with the flu, Sinusitis, nasal congestion, coughing and other related ailments. The best part about it is that it’s completely safe for use on newborns and pregnant mommies alike!

To give you all a little more context, I am a new mother to a 6-month-old baby girl. I’ve been using Inara Organics products even before I conceived and till now, I would have to say that the chest series is one of my personal favourites that I enjoy using on myself and now on my daughter as well. Besides its healing properties, I just can’t get enough of the amazing smell! It has a subtle camphorous and minty scent which is invigorating and yet surprisingly soothing at the same time. I also really love the fact that it does not contain menthol like some other similar products which often leaves a strong tingling sensation. I can even safely apply it on my baby’s face as the formulation is gentle on baby’s skin.

How can you reap the most benefits from the Chest series?

With many essential oil blends, there are a few specific areas of the body in which it is recommended to apply them on. For our Chest series, Nina recommends applying it on the following areas:

  • Chest
  • Back, along the spine
  • soles of the feet
  • Along the bridge of the nose for relief from nasal congestion

Now comes the next question, how often should you apply it? Whenever you're feeling a little under the weather, we recommend using the Chest series every hour, but if you're using it for preventive care, 2 to 3 times a day is sufficient. Also, if you you or your kids are into swimming or other water related sports, Chest Rub or Chest Roll-On definitely the way to go for both before and after each session.

Choosing the most suitable application The balm or the roll-on?

Like most of our product ranges, the chest series comes as both a balm and a roll on. But don’t worry! The blend of essential oils used are exactly the same, so it ultimately boils down to which applicator best suits your lifestyle. Here are a couple of things you can take note of when deciding between the two different applications.


If you’re looking for something a little more lightweight, the roll on is a better option. Chest rub balm contains organic yellow beeswax which gives it a slightly thicker and denser consistency which would be ideal if you prefer an added moisturizing effect.


If size is important to you or you can anticipate multiple uses of the product in a short time frame, you might want to consider the chest rub balm. It comes in 4 different size, namely the 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and a whopping 100ml. The chest roll on comes in a size of 10ml but don’t fret, it may be small but a little goes a long way.

Who are you using it on?

At this juncture, it really boils down to your own personal preference and what you find most convenient. What I’ve discovered is that the chest rub balm is easier to apply on my baby as I can easily warm it up by rubbing it between my hands. It makes it a little bit more comfortable for her when I gently spread the balm on her body, kind of like a simple massage. Using the roll-on on her is a little more challenging, probably because she finds it a little ticklish. Yet, I find that the roll-on offers me more convenience as I can just pop it out any time I want to when I’m outside and roll it along my nose bridge and chest for a little pick me up without getting my hands messy. At the end of the day, it’s really up to you!

Seriously, give it a try!

I hope that after sharing my two cents worth on my personal experience using both the Chest Rub and Chest roll-on that you’ll come to love the Chest series as much as I do. Better yet, pair it up with the Immunity Support series to give your immune system a much needed boost for those aged 3 months and above. I can safely and confidently say that you won’t regret it!

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