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My Breast Friend

  • Product Info

    100% Natural Ingredients


    *Not to be used on those with History of Epilepsy or Pregnant mothers (only for use after birth of baby) 

    To help kick-start, boost up or maintain milk supply. Made specially for lactating mommies

    Application: Roll along spine, on the chest, on the breasts (don't let it touch the nipples) ; every morning or 15 mins before latching or pumping

    Tip: Always stay positive and think happy thoughts when you are latching or pumping and most importantly, always stay hydrated. The key to successful breastfeeding is drinking lots of water and Mommy's emotional well-being

    Ingredients: 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 

    Please always do a skin patch test sensitivity on yourself. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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    10 g

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    Roll On