Get to know and grow with Inara Organics!

From one mother to another

When Nina’s 3-month old daughter fell ill with bronchitis, the former nurse was at her wit’s end on what she could do to help her daughter. Nina has always believed in the power of nature and was committed to healing her daughter through more natural means. Armed with her knowledge of essential oils and natural remedies, she began creating products to slowly nurse her daughter back to health. Nina would often share her creations with her friends and family and before long, Inara Organics was born, aptly named after her beloved daughter, Hanan Inara. So all of you who out there who swear by our products, you have Hanan to thank for that!

More than just a wellness brand

Moving on, Inara Organics has grown substantially as a wellness enterprise that specializes in creating natural and organic solutions for families that are both safe and effective. But you know what, we are so much more than that. We’ve created a little family made up of mothers, fathers, young men and young women who are committed and do our very best to make sure that you and your families can get the very best from what nature has to offer.

Naturally sourced, organic and food grade safe

It matters to us, what we put into and on our bodies and we understand that it matters to you too, which is why all our products are made from 100% naturally sourced and organic ingredients certified as food grade safe. They do not contain paraben, sulphates, phthalates, alcohol or any other nasty and artificial ingredients. Instead, what you’ll find is a carefully curated blend of essential oils lovingly created and brewed by Nina herself, exactly as what she’d do for her own family.

Uniquely Handcrafted

You know that feeling you get when you receive a handmade card or gift? Well, at Inara Organics, every product is lovingly brewed, handcrafted and hand poured by Nina and her staff. From the pasting of stickers and assembly right down to the sale of the products, know that a few people were responsible behind each creation. The great thing about this is that it’s not just our customers who benefit – For with your support, you give us jobs and opportunities to grow and care for our families, just like you do too!

Family First

When Nina first began the company, she had a vision of the kind of workplace and environment that she wanted to create. Her family means the world to her and it was important that we too had a workspace that was family friendly. It wasn’t easy at the start (It still isn’t really!), but we’re getting there slowly but surely. So if you do drop by our store, don’t be surprised if you see someone with a baby on them! It’s not a customer, just one of us baby wearing on a normal average working day!

Grow with Inara Organics

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our very first post on the inspiration behind Inara Organics and why we love what we do. We are humans full of imperfections just like you. We make mistakes and we are still learning and growing but I guess that’s the beauty of life itself isn’t it? Please join us on our journey of growing and healing, and don’t worry, we’ll give it our very best!