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Newborn Set


100% Natural Ingredients

Be it a gift for your expecting friend or a starter set for your little bundle of joy

Do take note: The Travel Pouch is not available until further notice. All Newborn Sets will be placed in our Jute Drawstring Bags, Not only that, we will be throwing in a FREE 15mls Fever Relief! 

If this a gift for your loved ones, do leave a note upon checkout, it could either be a message for them or a request to leave out the invoice 

Chest Rub - Excellent for prevention of Runny Nose, especially when there will be plenty of visitors coming by to visit your Newborn Baby. Recommended for healthy lung support

Soothie Woothie - Excellent as a daily moisturiser; especially the first few weeks after birth where your newborn baby might shed some dry skin. Effective for cradle cap & great to use as nappy ointment. Mommy can apply over Post Partum Belly to help reduce Stretch Marks

Sleepy Balm - Excellent for calming baby down & for Mommy to get some well deserved rest. Good for Mommy to apply on herself & stay relaxed (Post Birth can be a really stressful time for Mommy) 

Digestif - Excellent for Colicky Babies or babies having trouble with Constipation. Can be used daily for healthy bowel movements. If Baby has jaundice; please apply over babies belly three times a day. Excellent for Mommy to apply Post Birth (Passing motion may be difficult after birth)


All Balms are in 30mls

Results Varies

Ingredients: 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil & Organic Yellow Beeswax

Please always do a skin patch test sensitivity on your child before applying anything on your little ones or yourself. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Naturally derived coconut surfactants cleanse trapped grease and dirt inside of your pores without damaging your skin. Centella asiatica extract soothes skin, and witch hazel extract shrinks the enlarged pores. Your skin will be kept moist even after you wash your face in the morning and the night.